Moving Nigeria forward
with the power of CNG

The Presidential CNG Initiative (Pi-CNG) is a component of the palliative intervention of the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration directed at providing succor to the masses occasioned by the transitive hardships of the fuel subsidy removal policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria.


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Support the deployment of CNG vehicles through existing private mass transit operators including financing operators through an innovative asset finance program, while supporting individuals and corporates seeking to convert vehicles, thereby impacting transport cost inflation and improving standard of living.


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Sequel to the removal of the PMS subsidy and the full deregulation of the petroleum products market, the price of PMS has increased significantly. As such there is a need to consider alternative sources of fuel, primarily CNG and EV for vehicles. The presidential CNG Initiative was approved by the president to provide cheaper & cleaner fueling alternative for Nigerians.


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Contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment in Nigeria with CNG powered vehicles.

Pi-CNG is working towards reducing our dependence on fossil fuel, thereby enhancing our energy independence and contributing to a more secure energy future in Nigeria.

About us

“Strategic CNG adoption program for transportation sectors across the Federation of Nigeria.”

We are working to provide relief on the cost of living. Since the removal of subsidy on PMS, the President of the Republic of Nigeria has put together a secretariat to drive the implementation of CNG across Nigeria.

Mass Transit

CNG is a cleaner-burning fuel compared to gasoline or diesel. It is often cheaper than gasoline or diesel, making it cost-effective for mass transit agencies. The lower fuel costs can result in significant savings and economy boost over time.


CNG motorcycle engines tend to produce less noise than conventional gasoline engines. This can lead to a quieter and more pleasant riding experience for motorcycle users and reduced noise pollution in urban areas.


CNG is generally more cost-effective than gasoline or diesel. Tricycle operators can experience significant savings on fuel costs, which is especially beneficial for those in low-income communities.


CNG is a cleaner-burning fuel compared to gasoline and diesel. It produces fewer harmful emissions, such as carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter. This leads to improved air quality and reduced environmental impact, making CNG cars an eco-friendly choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is methane gas that is compressed and is stored in a high-pressure storage tank.

Yes, it is absolutely safe as a gas. Being lighter than air, in case of a leak, it rises up and disperses into the atmosphere. This property precisely makes it a safe fuel. Furthermore, CNG has a narrow Flammability range, if CNG’s concentration in the air is less than 5% and more than 15%, the gas will not burn even in the presence of a spark.

  • Green Fuel - CNG is referred to as the green fuel because of its lead and sulphur free character, CNG reduces harmful emissions. It is environmentally friendly – Natural gas is the cleanest and quietest burning fossil fuel available, emitting significantly less carbon and nitrogen emissions than diesel – creating a safer and happier work environment
  • Fuel - The properties of CNG make it a safe fuel. It is stored in high gauge seamless cylinders which are certified so negligible chance of leakage. It is lighter than air, so in case of leak it just rises up and disperses into the atmosphere and mixes in the air easily and evenly.
  • Low operational cost - The operational cost of vehicles running on CNG, as compared to those running on other fuels, is comparatively low.
  • Dual facility - CNG Vehicle can run both on CNG and Petrol.
  • Increased life of oils - Another practical advantage observed is the increased life of lubricating oils, as CNG does not contaminate 

CNG is sold at between N320 - N350 per comparable litre to PMS.

An app will be launched soon which will indicate the nearest CNG conversion centre or dispensing centre to you.

Cleaner alternative to PMS and Diesel fuel for transportation